Notes and NewsConcierge services are not just for hotels anymore. This industry has experienced much growth in the past few years and expanded to include corporate concierge services, retirement concierge services, university concierge services, and personal concierge services. The fact is, you can contract with a concierge for just about any type of hospitality service.

Many concierges have opened home-based businesses, offering their services to busy moms and employees who don’t have the time to take care of everyday business. These concierges act as a personal assistant of sorts, taking care of many details themselves and locating the right service providers for those services they don’t personally provide.

Many companies have started to include concierge services as part of the benefit package they offer to employees. This benefit has a huge impact on the workplace, because it increases productivity since the employees no longer have to worry about taking care of personal business on company time.

Online concierge services are international businesses, offering everything from procuring concert tickets to finding rare books. Concierges make travel arrangements, plan weddings and other events, and do your shopping. There’s almost nothing, legally and morally speaking, that a concierge won’t do.



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